Media and Public Relations Guidelines

Crisis Communications

In Case of Emergency

During a crisis or incident that disrupts normal operations, Georgia Tech has procedures in place to communicate with the campus community, the media, and the public.

  • The media relations team directs and coordinates Georgia Tech’s crisis communication messages, and serves as the official voice of the Institute.
  • The Georgia Tech Police Department and Institute Communications are authorized to communicate emergency information on behalf of the Institute. The approved channels of communication include, but are not limited to,‚Äč the Georgia Tech Emergency Notification System, email, voice mail, text messages, siren system, Georgia Tech websites, news releases, electronic campus signage and screens, and emergency phone lines.
  • During a weather emergency or other event that disrupts normal university operations, Institute Communications media team members will reach out to the media to engage their assistance in notifying the public. Further details are provided in the Severe Weather Media Notification Process.

Incoming Media Inquiries

Media Inquiries

  • Incoming media inquiries should be directed to the media relations team so that they can review the request and facilitate the interview process (for example, there may be other experts that need to be included as part of the response, etc.). 
  • Representatives of the media relations team are on call 24/7. 
  • Many media outlets have immediate deadlines. Please keep in mind that it is just as important to promptly let us know that you can’t accommodate a request as it is to let us know that you can.

International Media Inquiries

Queries involving international film crews require additional coordination. Please contact the media relations team upon receiving such a request.


When public comment on behalf of Georgia Tech is requested, an appropriate spokesperson will be identified by Institute Communications in coordination with senior leadership.

Faculty are always free to discuss any topics related to their areas of academic expertise, but should not speak on behalf of the Institute unless designated as a spokesperson.

Outgoing & External News

News Stories

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Guide for Communicating to the Campus

Self-serve resources for getting your message out to the campus community.

Boilerplate Copy

Regardless of what you are communicating or your audience, you will often need to include general information about Georgia Tech. The overview information below is designed to provide you with accurate and relevant information about the Institute that will appeal to a wide variety of audiences. 

Social Media

Social Media Strategy

Instructions for creating and managing Georgia Tech social media accounts.