Persona: Prospective Industry Partner

Prospective Pete Persona trio of headshots

  • Chief Information Officer, responsible for all enterprise-wide information technology initiatives
  • Has more than 30 years of information technology, management, global initiatives, and operations experience 
  • Prior to joining current company, he served as the senior vice president and chief information officer for Coca-Cola Refreshments 

  • Male
  • 59
  • Lives in Smyrna with his wife and two children

  • Learned confidence. Overrides his natural timidness by talking quickly and confidently.
  • Perceptive. Sees the big picture and what matters.
  • Authentic. Willing to be real, treat others as peers, and help out where needed.

  • Primary: Create high-quality, secure, and cost-effective technologies that enhance his company's business capabilities.
  • Secondary: Shorten a product’s time to market. 

  • Primary: Threats of being made obsolete at the hands of technology innovations that disrupt the industry and his company.
  • Secondary: Cyber attacks.

  • “We’re looking for opportunities for partnerships that help transform our industry and allow us to tap into a talent pipeline.”
  • “Innovation is a priority for our company.”
  • “Engineering students can provide us with a unique opportunity to get fresh, innovative ideas, and solutions.” 

  • We don't need external innovations for this. We can leverage our internal R&D.
  • State tax incentives are better elsewhere.
  • Not agreeable to the intellectual property terms.

  • Connections to research, innovations, experts, facilities, and workforce-ready graduates in Atlanta — a growing, international city widely considered to be a "hotbed of innovation."

  • Customized partnerships drive success and help you gain insight into what’s new and what’s next in your industry. Georgia Tech helps you get there. First, we listen. Then we identify opportunities. And then we connect you to the right resources to help your business create solutions and identify the technology that will shape your market and engage new customers.

Sources: Research Horizons Future Directions Study 2014; GT Reputational Study 2012.