Persona: Prospective Graduate Student

prospective grad student headshots

  • A fourth-year undergraduate student
  • Ranks in the top of her class
  • A leader in student organizations
  • Analytical and practical

  • Female
  • 21
  • Lives in Decatur, Georgia, with her roommate and her Corgi

  • Disciplined and hard-working
  • Practical and analytical
  • Takes action and leads groups naturally

  • Primary: Find a graduate program where she can work with many renowned professors while gaining experience with both the science and practice sides of her discipline. 
  • Secondary: Live in an area where there are many great companies offering opportunities for practical experience.

  • Primary: Researching graduate schools is an exhausting and time-consuming process.
  • Secondary: Busy with her final year of undergraduate studies and preparing successors to take her place as leaders of campus group.

  • "I’m an Atlanta native, but I am perfectly willing to go anywhere in the U.S. to attend the graduate program I like."
  • "I relish collaborating with a wide variety of scientists."
  • "When I’m not working, I like to balance out what I’ve been doing at school."

  • Doesn't feel like she'll be able to influence decisions within her department.
  • Not satisfied with Georgia Tech's career preparation resources.
  • Tech grad students aren't paid competitively, and financial support is weak.

  • Georgia Tech offers a top-tier graduate level program that provides all of the instruction, connections, and facilities you need to contribute to solutions and research breakthroughs that impact society.


  • Students come to Georgia Tech for a prestigious, technologically based education, with a public university price tag in the advantageous location of Atlanta, Georgia ⎯ a city with a strong tech-focused job market. Georgia Tech graduates are prepared for immediate real-world work opportunities through a top-ranked, hands-on education, and a strong network of connections and support. 

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