Content Map: Prospective Industry Partner

Prospective industry partner journey map.

Learn more about this business leader's background, demographics interests, and needs:

What information will be most useful to him at each stage of the buyer's journey? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Corporate innovation centers around Georgia [LIST]
  • Curated list of news articles about Atlanta's growth and outlook for the future [LIST]
  • Corporate headquarters, innovation centers, startups, labs, etc. in the Midtown innovation district [INFOGRAPHIC]
  • Quotes from business leaders [PULL QUOTE/GRAPHICS]
  • Innovation Ecosystem explainer [VIDEO]
  • Techlanta explainer [VIDEO]
  • Georgia Tech Innovation Centers [WEBPAGE/LIST]
  • Corporate partner testimonials [QUOTES/VIDEO CLIPS]
  • Corporate partner success stories [SHORT FORM/LONG FORM]
  • Roadmap to a Successful Partnership [e-BOOK]
  • Working with the Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute [TIP SHEET]
  • Curated list of cybersecurity research [WHITE PAPERS]
  • Strengthening Georgia's Manufacturing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Sources: Research Horizons Future Directions Study 2014; GT Reputational Study 2012.