Content Map: Prospective Graduate

Goals and Challenges

Prospective graduate student headshot.

​She's a top student who is looking for a graduate program where she can work with renowned professors while gaining experience with both the science and practice sides of her discipline. 

But, she is busy with her final year of undergraduate studies, and has found that researching graduate schools is an exhausting and time-consuming process.


Learn more about this student's background, demographics, and interests:

What Questions Does He Have?

  1. Will a graduate degree help me stand out in an extremely competitive job market?
  2. Which programs match up with my research interests and goals?
  3. What programs have the best alumni placement ratings, and where do they end up?
  4. What percentage of graduates go in what sectors?
  5. Which programs offer stipends (is being a TA a requirement?)
  6. Which professors are looking to take students?
  1. Which professors and researchers can I work with?
  2. How strong are Georgia Tech's industry contacts?
  3. What are alumni doing and can I network with them?
  4. What fellowships and aid are available?
  1. What fellowships and assistantships are being offered?
  2. When is everything due?
  3. What do I need to know about next steps?

How Does He Find Answers?

  • Searches the web using Google
  • Talks to friends and faculty
  • Investigates career options possible with specific degrees
  • Reviews rankings information, especially U.S. News & World Report
  • Visits college websites
  • Visits campus
  • Reads faculty profiles and their publications
  • Reads research articles and publications
  • Talks to peers, family, and influencers


  • Explores admission website
  • Subscribes to applicant e-newsletter
  • Investigates assistantship and fellowship requirements
  • Investigates housing options
  • Attends an event
  • Revisits campus

What Do We Want Him to Think About Us?

  • Georgia Tech is a well-known, prestigious college with top-ranked academic programs.
  • Georgia Tech is a leading research institute that uses science and technology to make the world a better place.
  • Georgia Tech is a public college with a more affordable tuition than an Ivy League school.
  • Georgia Tech has several notable alumni who are successful in my areas of interest.
  • Atlanta is a thriving global city with a strong technology-focused job market.
  • Georgia Tech's Midtown neighborhood is also home to major corporations and startups.
  • Georgia Tech has top researchers working in the field I'm interested in.
  • The interdisciplinary research enterprise at Georgia Tech offers me greater opportunities, facilities, and resources than competing programs.
  • Georgia Tech provides many resources to help me succeed.
  • Georgia Tech is located in one of the fastest growing and industry-friendly cities in the nation.


  • I can contribute to solutions and research breakthroughs that make an impact on society.
  • The academic and interdisciplinary research programs will prepare me for a wide variety of career opportunities.


Content Ideas

What content will be most useful at each stage? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Rankings lists
  • Faculty profiles
  • Profiles of researchers who are making positive, real-world changes.
  • Notable alumni testimonials, success stories and quotes.
  • Stories about Atlanta's growth, links to news articles about Atlanta, job market reports, job listings.
  • Discipline-focused webpages with related majors, student and faculty profiles, news, rankings, etc.
  • Webpages and stories about student support programs
  • Job listings, alumni company profiles, innovation center opportunities, and career road maps
  • Clear and engaging information about research opportunities
  • Timelines and checklists
  • FAQs
  • Success stories, highlights of major Institute happenings
  • Funding resources

Sources: Georgia Tech Graduate Student Experience Survey 2016; undergraduate content survey Oct '16, Armchair media 2016