Campus Calendar Guidelines

The Campus Calendar is meant to be as comprehensive a listing as possible to capture the many activities and events that take place on campus.

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to submit events to the calendar to increase exposure and share information with the campus community. Event submissions should be of general interest to the Tech community and hosted by a campus organization or department.

Generally Included Events

  • Official academic calendar dates
  • Institute holidays
  • Events hosted by campus departments, organizations, or affiliates, including those taking place off campus
  • Events open to the Tech community

Generally Excluded Events

  • Events where Georgia Tech serves only as a venue for a non-Tech event
  • Promotional or sales events
  • Deadlines or reminders

Things to Include in Submissions

  • Title
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Cost (if applicable)
  • Registration/RSVP links and dates
  • Contact information
  • Brief description
  • Website for more information or of sponsoring/host organization
  • Whether the event repeats, and at what frequency or other dates

General Tips

  • Explain why someone would want to attend and what they will be doing while there
  • Use a descriptive title. For example, rather than “Chemistry Seminar,” give the name of the seminar topic. Keep to eight words or fewer
  • Since the calendar is viewable to the general public, include who the event is for in the body field
  • Spell out acronyms
  • Avoid exclamation points
  • Check spelling, particularly of names, and all professional titles

Featured/Homepage Events

Some events will be selected to be a “featured event” on the calendar or to be listed on the homepage under "News & Events." Selection will primarily be based on the event’s appeal to a wide audience or tie-in to Georgia Tech’s strategic goals.

To have your event considered, make the request in the body field of the submission form.