Drupal 8 Theme Development

Institute Communications' project to create a new theme that's compatible with Drupal 8 will go through several phases, from April to October 2018, and into early 2019.

Completed deliverables:

Based on feedback from campus stakeholders, we will revisit the current Drupal 7 theme, incorporating the new header-footer design, in early 2019. The Drupal 8 B theme, which will include components/elements built into CKEditor and brand-aligned body design styles applied to views, has been added to the project list.

Target dates:

  • Body design elements style sheet: first week of December
  • Drupal 7 theme: January 23
  • Drupal 8 B theme: February 20

Corresponding timeline:

  • Edited November 15, 2018: Moved delivery date for body design elements spec sheet from November to first week in Dec.
  • Edited November 13, 2018: Moved delivery date for Drupal 7 theme from first week in January to late January.
  • Edited November 13, 2018: Added Drupal 8 B theme to calendar for delivery mid-February. 
  • Edited August 9, 2018: Changed Mercury Reader module delivery date from end of July to mid-August

Contacts for Drupal 8 Development

Louise Russo
Director of Institute Digital Strategy
Email: Louise Russo

Tionna Carthon
Director of Institute Marketing and Communications Consulting
Email: Tionna Carthon